If there is one thing I’ve learned over nearly three decades in the fashion industry, it is that style is in a constant state of transition.

— Marisa Minicucci, SØSKEN Designer.

Offering modern outerwear with a minimal approach to effortless style and daily versatility, SØSKEN creates seasonal staples for today’s inspired woman. Simplified design innovates classic silhouettes, incorporating refined details and luxe materials.

With attention to the constant evolution of a busy lifestyle, SØSKEN’s unique essentials adapt to daily needs without fear of making a statement. At the apex of beauty, necessity, and individuality, this growing brand brings enjoyment and adventure to seasonal layering with a polished range of outerwear options.

About the Designer

A renowned name in Canadian fashion, Marisa Minicucci contributes fine-tuned skill and innovative insight as the lead designer for SØSKEN. Minicucci’s keen knowledge of women’s outerwear and apparel is a result of over 30 years in the industry. Having previously led several successful womenswear brands, Minicucci brings a refined expertise to dressing today’s motivated woman. SØSKEN serves as a fresh platform for Minicucci to develop contemporary outerwear with an informed sense of the forward-facing present.